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by | Jun 19, 2018 | TRAVELING WITH KIDS

A lot of people questioned the wisdom of our decision to travel with our kids when they were this young. We questioned it ourselves! But there is so much to be gained by exposing kids to new cultures and experiences.

Since we have young, active kids who fare FAR better outside than inside the house, I will be sharing lots of info about fun things to do in the various places we live. I find a lot of blog posts about “Top 10 Things to do in Such-and-Such a Place” are often geared to older kids – or at least families with some older kids, so the younger ones are used to being dragged along. My kids have very simple needs and need very simple pleasures, as do most under-6 year olds! But there isn’t much info out there about those options. So you’ll find some of that here!

Happiness is… water, water, and more water! Our girls are little fishes.


I will also share the realities of living this lifestyle with young kids. I honestly think it’s a great life stage in which to travel – as one mom said to me, “they’re going to be teething and have tantrums wherever you are – wouldn’t you rather do it on a beach??”. My thoughts exactly. It is hard being away from our families and friends, but we make an effort to plan extended stops back in our home town to re-connect – and get all the amazing help from grandparents and aunts and uncles!

“They’re going to be teething and have tantrums wherever you are – wouldn’t you rather do it on a beach??

And yes, you have to be on your game to deal with airport days, quickly finding things to do the minute you arrive in a brand new place, and introducing your kids to new cultures. But really, parenting is parenting – it’s hard and exhausting and relentless wherever you are, and we love that we get slower days and more fun times with our kids than when we were working in the 9-5 life. Young kids are so adaptable and their needs are really so simple. They love exploring new places and meeting new people and just being out and about all the time!

So, follow along to learn how we manage (and how we don’t!) as we continue on our crazy adventure around the world.

About Meredith Kenzie

I am a full-time traveling Mum of two adorably blond and mischevious little girls (isn’t it a good thing nature makes babies so damn cute?). I love to explore new places, finding the fun little places for my littles to play, and getting immersed in different cultures. I like to write and share about our travel adventures while keeping it minimalist and vegan as much as possible! Oh, and I love yoga, ballet, reading, baking, and time with friends.

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