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Guzzie & Guss Pender Umbrella Stroller

We love our Guzzie & Guss Pender Umbrella stroller. It’s traveled with us to Thailand, Belize, Mexico, and Vietnam, and it was useful in each place (despite warnings that you shouldn’t take strollers because the roads are too rough). It folds up easily and can be carried over your shoulder when needed. It has a handy basket underneath, and two pockets for snacks, phones, or other small items. You can also buy a cup holder. It lays almost flat for naps (or for carrying two tired kids when needed!) Also, Guzzie & Guss has amazing customer service – they sent us a brand-new stroller when Air Canada broke a piece on our first one!

BOBA Air Travel Baby Carrier

We bought the Boba Air carrier to replace our Beco Gemini on our trip to Thailand – we were going minimalist with our packing for the first time, and the Gemini just didn’t fit the bill! The Boba Air was perfect – it’s lightweight and packs up super small. Nothing is “cool” in Thailand, so yes, we got sweaty, but no more so than any other carrier would have. Because it’s so small to pack, there is no padding, so it wouldn’t be great for long hikes or 2 hour naps, but it was perfect for short walks, travel days, and regular use to get to and from places. I carried both the 1 and 4.5 year old in it! My tall and lanky husband also wore it comfortably.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

We bought one Osprey Farpoint 40 litre backpack for our inaugural minimalist packing trip to Thailand – 5 weeks, 4 people, and we fit all our clothes, toiletries, diapers, accessories, and shoes in the Osprey (there was the Jetkids Bed Box for toys, and a smaller backpack for snacks/activities on the plane). We loved it so much, we bought a second one when we headed off on our permanent minimalist packing adventure: traveling the world indefinitely with only 2 Osprey backpacks, 2 kid’s backpacks, and a daypack! The Osprey is well made, comfortable, and easy to pack and use. It has handy pockets for laptops and paperwork, and a top pocket perfect for quick-access small items.

MEC Kid’s Backpack

We bought these adorable matching backpacks from MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) for the two girls after our Jetkids Bedbox became too cumbersome: the 18 month old wanted to pull it or ride it with no help from adults through every airport! After one too many meltdowns in airport hallways and customs line-ups, we invested in the Genie Pack and Pika Pack. They have made our travel days MUCH easier, and they are also far more useful when we reach our destination – perfect backpacks if the girls attend school, or just as daypacks for outings. They are well-made, sturdy, and comfortable for the girls to wear.

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